Aster – Ecological VR Game

Aster Pitch

Aster is a university project imagined and designed as part of the GIFF festival. This work was inspired by Ko’Ko’s Curse, an AR game, conceived by Emily Joly.

The main themes of this project are ecology, shamanism as well as astrology. This game is intended to reflect on what role the user holds both in this virtual world and the real world, as well as the consequences of their choices and the limits of their power.

The player must restore the balance of four constellations (each named Orion, Dragon, Hydra, Phoenix) which are surrounding them. The player starts the game by entering the constellation of their choice. Each of these constellations lead to a specific world, where they will have to perform an action. These actions will lead them to other worlds according to their decision and so on.

The goal is to travel from world to world with as little damages as possible within these environments. There is not really a beginning or an end as it is a cyclical game.

The player is both the hero and the monster of the game.


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Game Pitch

L’Économe is an urban game. Rules are : we are stuck in the 18th century. To go back to present times, the players must build a time and space portal with “magic”  strings, that are given in exchange of “money” (potatoes in the game). Those points of exchanges are kept secret and are spread amongst the city. The players are given clues (geotracking and enigmas) and a dice. The players can join forces in order to build the portal – or not!